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New Year Planner/Journalling with Claire


Happy new year to all you lovely crafties out there!


Well, didn’t 2018 go fast?! The years seem to be passing in a blink of an eye and Christmas already seem months away. I do love New Year though for a few reasons. Yes, its cold and grey. But, has there ever been a better excuse to snuggle up in your favourite blanket and enjoy the simple things in life? Like, that book you’ve been meaning to read, a warming home cooked meal or just a snuggle while binge watching your favourite show. Bliss.


New Year is also a wondrously positive time - full of hope, goals and plans for the year ahead. I have seen lots of people on social media share their resolutions and positive plans. Although, I do not like to compare myself to others too much as it can too easily turn into thoughts of inadequacy, seeing others make healthy goals and try to be better people really does make me want to have a go to! No harm in that I think as long as we don’t take ourselves too seriously, or give ourselves a hard time if we mess up or fall off the wagon occasionally!


One of the things I’ve been meaning to have a go at, is making a planner or journal. I have a busy schedule and wanted to combine the practicality of a diary with being a little more creative. Im hoping a journal will also allow me to record events retrospectively as well. So I can add in little photos or notes to remind me what happened as the weeks go by.


With no real idea where to start, I headed to Paperchase to pick up a blank planner. I knew I wanted to decorate myself so I opted for this cool, rustic, Kraft board one. It has lots of different paper types - lined, squared, blank etc. and pockets where I could slip things like receipts of train tickets. Perfect.


As soon as I had the planner in hand, thats when all the ideas came flooding in. Straight away, I knew the positive sentiment stamps from the Thirsty Brush ‘Your Journey’ and ‘Good Vibes’ stamp sets would be ideal. After all, I designed these sentiments to be inspirational, why not use them to inspire myself too!


But first, to decorate the cover. The natural, Kraft outer screamed metallic embossing and natural looking leaves to me. I used the Thirsty Brush ‘Calm Circle’ stamp set with gold embossing powder to make a frame for a hand lettered 2019. I then loosely and lightly sketched a few leaves and vines onto to front of the planner. Using a large watercolour brush and paints I, again very loosely, painted the leaves in varying shades of green. I finished the vines by using 0.7 black fine liner pen to draw the branches. And, finally to complete the cover, i stamped the sentiments ‘Happiness is not a destination…’ and ‘…..enjoy the journey’ - just to remind myself to stop once in a while and take of whats happening in the moment :)


A planner or journal is of course, an on going project. I have planned my title page and the first page of January below, to give you some ideas on where to begin. However, your journal is exactly tha - YOURS! You use it for whatever you find useful or inspiring and decorate it however you want to. There are plenty of ideas all over the web for journalling, so take a look. But, I would urge you don’t look too long. It can be too confusing and you can end up liking too many different ideas and styles and not actually getting started! Go with what feels natural to you and I'm sure the results will be beautiful.


In my first January page I have bulleted the first week, added an inspirational quote and decorated with some stamping and hand lettering. Here’s some more things you can use your planner to record:



I plan to show you how you can incorporate your Thirsty Brush products into your planner over the coming months, but don’t forget to also raid your stash for things like stickers, paper scraps and stamps you already own. Why not throw in some techniques too - hand lettering, watercolouring or embossing. You can always practice these on scrap paper first if you are scared of ruining your lovely journal (I always do any hand lettering in pencil first, then go over with a permanent liner and erase the pencil at the end).


Is journalling something thats been or your radar? I hope this has inspired you to give it a go, or even just jazz up your standard desk diary a bit with some stamping/colouring. I'd love to hear how you get on...


Thanks for reading! Claire x


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