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Seed Packet/Wallet Die Mini Book with Kerry


Hi everyone

My turn back on the blog this week, have you all enjoyed the recent new releases from Thirsty Brush? They came thick and fast didn’t they? There is such a lovely and ever growing collection to choose from now.

So we have another bank holiday coming up so an extra day for crafting maybe? Suppose it depends on the weather really. This is traditionally our weekend for hanging baskets and planting pots in the garden, so we will have to wait and see. Either way I will be surrounded by beautiful flowers.

This time I decided to make this little book instead of the usual card. It’s so easy to make using the seed packet/wallet die and quick and easy to decorate because of the small areas. You can have as little or as many pages as you like. This time I’ve decided to make it as a little birthday book with a pocket for each month.

So what do you need?

Ok let’s get started!

  1. 1.Cut out as many pages that you require using the seed packet die plus an extra one for the front cover.
  2. 2.Cut away a triangle from the large fold over part of the seed packet, use the first discarded triangle as a template for all the other pages so that they are all the same.
  3. 3.To create the front cover, using a paper trimmer, completely remove the fold over section of the packet and the top fold over tab.
  4. 4.I found that this is the best time to decorate using your favourite thirsty brush stamps, many of the stamp sets come with smaller versions of the main design and these are the perfect size for these pockets. I left the top tab on as a reference tab i.e. Jan/Feb etc.
  5. 5.Once decorated it’s time to assemble, I like to add all my adhesives at the beginning so all construction can be done at the same time. 
  6. 6.I used red liner tape as it’s just that little bit stronger and has an instant grab (I’m too impatient to wait for glue to dry!)  on each packet fold up the bottom tab and add tape to the side facing up, add liner tape to the inside of the short end of the fold over front cover of the pocket and finally add tape along the whole of the side tab. (this will form the spine).
  7. 7.On the front cover piece add tape to the underside of the long tab.
  8. 8.On all the pages create the pocket but make sure you leave the long tab outside of the pocket, when all the pockets are created adhere all the long tabs together one by one on top of each other, these then become the pages of the book.
  9. 9.Add the front cover in the same way and your book is created!
  10. 10.Add a little bakers twine or ribbon along the spine for a finishing decoration.
  11. 11.Finally cut out your inner tags or mini pages to slot inside each pocket.


I’m a bit of a sucker for a mini book so I can see me making many more of these in the months to come. There is no end to what you can use them for maybe for photos of a trip or a baby year book with each month containing a photo. Ooh endless ideas. Hope you have a go and please share any you make in the Facebook group.

See you all again soon and happy crafting!!

Kerry xx


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