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Watercolour Rainbow Leaves - Step by step


Good afternoon all!


I hope you are doing well this week and enjoying a bit of sunshine. 


Every Tuesday, I normally do a Colour & Calm watercolouring Youtube video. This week, I thought I would write a step by step blog post guiding you through a, simple but super effective, free hand watercolour piece. You can then have your laptop, phone or print out next to you as you work through the project.


I actually used this technique when designing one of the very first Thirsty Brush Stencils. So if you have the Hand Painted Foliage Stencil from 2018, in your stash, this is how I created it!


I have listed everything you need under step one, and each step relates to a picture below. I’d love for you to have a go at this and share your artwork on our Brushettes Facebook page - link at the bottom of the page.


Step by Step:


Pic 1. You will need; Pencil for you base sketch. Watercolour paints (pan or tubes) or inks. Brushes, I used a size 8 and 2 but just use whatever you have. Watercolour card or cotton rag paper. Two pots of water - one to clean brushes, one to pick up clean water for your colours. This keeps the colours true and crisp


Pic 2. Start by sketching out some very light branches onto your paper. Use curves in S and C shapes to fill your page. Mix your colours up next so they are all ready.


Pic 3. OK let’s go! Using a small brush, use two or three colours to paint the first branch


Pic 4. Choose another colour and paint your first leaf close to the branch using a larger brush


Pic 5. While the leaf is still wet, connect the leaf using the smaller brush and the colour of the branch. Let the branch colour bleed into the base of the leaf by itself.


Pic 6. Add more leaves in different colours along your branch. Vary the direction of your leaves, size and colours for interest and drama


Pic 7. Add some small branches with dots on the end for little buds


Pic 8. Work around your page, adding more branches along your pencil sketch and filling in leaves on each branch as you go. Turn. Your paper as you work so you are not leaning over your work while its still wet


Pic 9. Once all the branches are full, look at your artwork and see if any gaps jump out at you. You can fill these with extra buds, if needed


Pic 10. Now just frame your artwork and enjoy your stunning piece, or give to a loved one as a thoughtful and unique gift


I hope you enjoyed this and I’ll see you next time. Claire xxx






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